Written by:  Xavier Simon, fourth grade student

Parents are probably wondering what their kids are doing at Versailles Schools during specials, so I will tell you most of the things we do at specials.

One special is Music class and the music teacher is Ms.Tipton.  In music, we always start off with a song that she does with every class from K-6.  Next, we usually get song sheets and we sing songs.  Ms.Tipton gives us useful tips about how to sing a little better.  Then we sing more songs or play instruments to songs.  Lastly, if we have time we might play a game such as name that tune, bump down, and many other games. Those are some things we do during music class.

Another special is Library, and the person that reads to us in the library is Mrs.Kremer.  First in library, Mrs.Kremer always reads a chapter or two from a chapter book.  For younger grades, she reads a story book. She reads to most of the grades. Then we check out books. Lastly, we read our books for whatever time is left. That is our schedule in library.

In addition to specials we also have art.  The art teacher is Mrs.Sutter. In art, Mrs.Sutter tells us how we do whatever we are doing in that period of time. Next, we get to work on the art project that we are doing that day. Then she plays music if we are quiet for one minute straight. Lastly, we finish up and clean up, then it is time to leave. These are the things we usually do in art.

Another special is Gym, taught by Mr. Blakeley.  First, Mr.Blakeley tells us what we will do after our exercise stations. Next, we do our exercise stations.  For this we go around the gym and do different things like running, super man,and many other things that have to do with gym. Then we do what we are supposed to do like Parachute, Dr.Dodgeball, and other things. Lastly if we have time to, we play Speed Way, Dr. Dodgeball, Guber Ball, and other things.Those are some things we do in gym class.   

The last special is computer and the computer teacher is Mrs.Albers.  First, she tells us what we are going to do that day. Next, we type, play games, work on projects and other things.  Lastly, we close the application and line up (by what color you are wearing,or by what letter your middle name starts at). That is what we do during computer class.

In conclusion, that is what we do during the five specials we have only once a week.

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