Advisory Panel Report

The factual context of this case supports the tentative agreement reached by the negotiating teams on June 14, 2018. The Employer has the means to finance the proposal; the proposal will establish the bargaining units’ place as the most highly paid unit among peer school districts in the current school year, and keep the Unit at a very competitive level in the subsequent years of the contract; while at the same time aligning the Unit’s wage increase more closely with that provided to other employees of the Versailles Exempted Village School District.

Conclusion and Recommendation

After giving due consideration to the positions and arguments of the parties and to the criteria enumerated in ORC 4117.14(G)(7)(a) to (f) the Advisory Panel recommends the wage provision of the tentative agreement dated June 14, 2018 without modification. In addition, all other tentative agreements (TAs) previously reached by the parties along with all sections of the current Agreement not negotiated and/or changed, are incorporated by reference into this Advisory Panel Report and should be included in the resulting collective bargaining agreement.

In this report the Advisory Panel has made a unanimous recommendation. It is the sincere hope of the Panel Members that the Union will vote to ratify the tentative agreement which we believe is a fair and reasonable settlement of the full agreement.


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