Versailles Elementary 4th Grade Spelling Bee
  On Tuesday, November 20th, 2018, the Versailles Elementary fourth graders held a spelling bee in the high school auditorium.  

Before the 4th Grade Spelling Bee, they had a class spelling bee on October 31, 2018. Every student in each class competed against their homeroom classmates. Then the remaining eight students from each class went on to the 4th grade spelling bee. There were also 2 alternates from each class just in case someone was absent. 

The actual spelling bee went into 24 rounds. Every time someone had the word misspelled there was a bell that would ring. The top three  spellers were Hayden Dilworth 1st, Greta Broering 2nd, and Maleah Roulhac 3rd. Hayden will gladly represent Versailles 4th graders at the Darke County Spelling Bee in Arcanum on Thursday, January 24, 2019. Greta Broering will be the alternate for the Darke County Spelling Bee. Congrats to all of the spellers who participated!   


-Written by Greta Broering, a fourth grader from Versailles Elementary 
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