OMEA Junior High Solo & Ensemble Results 2019

OMEA Junior High Solo and Ensemble Results 2019- Versailles Students who participated for a Rating all MEDALLED!  21 Superior events and 7 Excellent Events.

Superior Ratings: Listed in order of performance:

Piano Collin Rismiller

Percussion Ensemble Cassie Leach, Brooke Moorman, Ethan Rauh, Collin Rismiller, Lucas Stammen

Brass Choir Zachary Ahrens, Mitchell Bey, Abby Gilmore, Isabel Rawlins, Jayme Rethman, Alayna Rindler, Kamren

                                    Simons, Lucas Stammen, Carley Timmerman

Clarinet Lauren Pohl

Trumpet Kamren Simons

Trombone Alayna Rindler

Alto Sax Megan Mangen

Marimba Ethan Rauh

Trombone Carley Timmerman

Piano Jason Simons

Trumpet Trio Zachary Ahrens, Abby Gilmore, Kamren Simons

Euphonium Mitchell Bey

Clarinet Cora Trissell

Snare Drum Brooke Moorman

Sax Trio Zachary Ahrens, Alysse Schweitzer, Keely Tucker

Clarinet Trio Emma Billenstein, Asa DeMange, Payton Groff

Piano Alayna Rindler

Snare Drum Ethan Rauh

Piano Megan Mangen

Piano Zachary Ahrens

Tuba Jayme Rethman

Excellent Ratings: Listed in order of performance:

Piano Lucas Stammen

Piano Brooke Moorman

WW Trio Elizabeth Brewer, Abby Keller, Lauren Pohl

Clarinet Trio Logan Pieffer, Shelby Spradlin, Cora Trissell,

Piano Carley Timmerman

Clarinet Lauren Bergman

Piano Isabel Rawlins

Festival Class

Piano Sarah Simons
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