Versailles 4th Graders Visit Garst Museum 

On Wednesday May, 1 the Versailles Elementary 4th graders went to the Garst Museum in Greenville. The museum was really interesting to many 4th graders because it was about Annie Oakley, the Ohio Indian tribes, and many other things from our county's history. Many students were familiar with The Treaty of Greenville and the Indian groups, because they learned about this in social studies class. If you go to the Garst Museum you may be interested in the same things the kids were interested in. Then the kids were split into 6 groups to learn about different things.You will learn a lot of different things about Darke County and Ohio history if you go too. At the end of those groups the kids got to pick a partner or a group to do a scavenger hunt around the museum. The 4th graders received a book to answer questions about what they learned. The 4th graders had a really fun time at the Garst Museum and when you go, you will have fun too. Thank you to all of the volunteers at Garst Museum that helped make this a great learning experience for the Versailles 4th Graders.

-By Kiley May, Versailles 4th Grader

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