On January 4, Mandy and Mitchell came to the Versailles Elementary from the Darke County Parks to teach the fourth graders about the history of Ohio’s ecosystems.  When Mandy and Mitchell came in they talked about how Ohio’s ecosystems have changed over time. Here are some of the main ways our ecosystems have changed. The fourth graders learned that Europeans came to Ohio  around the 1700’s. The ecosystem changed a lot because the black starling from Europe invaded the populations of other bird species in Ohio. Another example is that farmers drained the black swamp in the 19th century because of the poison in the mosquitoes.   The fourth graders learned that in 1971 Ohio opened its first nature preserve. We learned  that animals like whitetail deer and swans were once extirpated from Ohio, but now with the forest being protected they came back. Some animals like buffalo we know as western animals, used to actually live in Ohio. The Darke County Parks taught the fourth graders about our very own Ohio’s ecosystems.

Written by Hank Smith, Versailles Elementary 4th Grader


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