E-Cigs & Youth Podcast

E-Cigs & Youth Podcast 

We are now witnessing the rise of a frightening trend. Among our nation’s youth, electronic cigarettes, also known as vaping or e-cigs, have become the most commonly used form of tobacco. According to the CDC, about 20% of high school students and about 5% of middle school students used electronic cigarettes in 2018. And these numbers are rapidly increasing. This month, I want to share one of our recent podcast episodes that talks more about this growing public health issue.
Michael E. Dantley, Dean


The FDA has called this phenomenon one of its “biggest public health challenges,” and solving it will require a better understanding of what e-cigs are and why youth find them so attractive. 

These issues were explored on a recent episode of the Reframe podcast, where you can hear more about this alarming new threat.
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Serving Civic Life Featured Story: University of Michigan

Every month, I also like to highlight the important work of our colleagues from across the field of education. This time, our Serving Civic Life spotlight comes from the University of Michigan, where new research is looking at the interconnected nature of community life and academic success in a whole new way. 
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