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OMEA DISTRICT IX Honors Band - Middle School
OMEA District IX Honors Band - Middle School.
Sunday January 28th- Rehearsal and Concert.  Troy HS 
Cost is $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for Students and Senior Citizens

The eight students selected are:
Madyson Hess- Bass Clarinet
Tara Fritscher- Clarinet
Tessa Blakeley - Clarinet
Matthew Francis- Percussion
Evan VanSkyock - Trumpet
Alyana Rindler -Tuba
Kira Cheadle -Clarinet
Abby Koons -Clarinet

Second Nine Weeks Practice Minute Challenge winners:
5th Grade Band: Erica Rauh, Kendall Meyer, Elizabeth Nelson, Karlie Litten and Michael Menke
6th Grade Band: Abby Keller, Logan Peiffer, Patrick Miller, Heidi Stammen and Carley Timmerman

Great turkey Performance Assignment winners
5th Grade Band: Katelyn Delzeith
6th Grade Band: Heidi Stammen
JH Band: Emily Delzeith