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Versailles FFA had Success at the Great Darke County Fair.
Versailles FFA members were busy over the summer getting ready to participate and compete in the Great Darke County Fair.  On August 17, 2017, students were able to bring in their vegetables, crops, and shop projects.  Shop and crop consists of bringing in various vegetables from the students’ garden as well as wood working items, welding items, and grains for livestock.  
The Versailles FFA had 113 members bring in shop and crop, which was the most of any FFA Chapter in Darke County.  Versailles FFA members that exhibited shop and crop included: Ben Albers, Sam Barga, Jarett Barge, Anna Barlage, David Barlage, Cayla Batten, Courtney Batten, Makayla Berger, Marcus Berger, Luke Billenstein, Kayla Bohman, Kayla Bruns, Caden Buschur, Sara Cavin, Emily Clack, Brad Didier, Nicholas Didier, Greg Dircksen, Kylie Lyons, Emma Gasson, Toby George, Ben Gehret, Ian Gehret, Jon Gehret, Elliot George, Emma George, Sarah Gigandet, Isaac Gilmore, Noah Gilmore, Sam Gilmore, Isaac Grilliot, Xavier Grilliot, Alex Groff, Nathan Grogean, Philip Grogean, Breanon Hall, Andrew Harshbarger, Jamie Hart, Andrew Heckman, Maggie Hedrick, Jacob Heitkamp, Caleb Heitkamp, Dean Heitkamp, Jacob Heitkamp, Maddy Henry, Sarah Hess, Danielle Hesson, Jamie Hoelscher, Janelle Hoelscher, Brigette Holsapple, Kennedy Hughes, Evan Keller, Grant Keller, Eric Knapke, Katelyn Knapke, Emily Kramer, Sarah Kramer, Emily Langenkamp, Kara Langenkamp, Trent Langenkamp, Gavin Lawrence, Caitlyn Luthman, Carter Luthman, Cole Luthman, Jessica Lyme, Lee Marchal, Lizzy May, Troy May, Jonny Moorman, Breanna Nieport, Lucas Perssoli, Emma Peters, Jarrett Petitjean, Autumn Petitjean, Abby Petitjean, Ashley Petitjean, Dawson Petitjean, Jarrett Petitjean, Laney Petitjean, Paige Platfoot, Brad Pohlman, Hannah Rose, Isaac Ruhenkamp, Clair Schmitmeyer, Renea Schmitmeyer, Shelbie Schmitmeyer, Lindsay Schultz, Nick Slonkosky, Nicholas Stonebraker, Brooke Stuck, Austin Timmerman, Taylor Tyo, Tessa Tyo, Abigail White, Faith Wilker, Kimberly Winner, Lewis Winner, Shelby Winner, Jacob Wuebker, Laura Wuebker, Natalie Wuebker, and Victoria Wuebker.
Individual placing in the area of shop and crop include: Makayla Berger placed 2nd in her SAE Research trifold display. Luke Billenstein won 2nd place in his wood project. Kayla Bohman won 2nd in her herbs and 1st in beets. Caden Buschur won 1st in Roma tomatoes, 1st cucumbers, 1st zucchini, and 3rd in corn. Brad Didier received 1st in pumpkins. Nicholas Didier received 2nd for his brown eggs. Greg Dirksen won 3rd for his corn. Ben Gehret won 1st in his white eggs. Ian Gehret won 3rd for his grapes and 1st for his peaches. Jon Gehret won 3rd for his welding project. Elliot George won 2nd for his flower box. Emma George received 2nd for her sweet peppers, 3rd for her onions, 2nd for her hay timothy, and 1st for her hay alfalfa. Isaac Gilmore won 1st for his electrical projects and 2nd for his welding project. Noah Gilmore won 3rd for his brown eggs and 3rd for his miscellaneous hay. Sam Gilmore received 2nd for his welding project, 2nd for his white eggs, and 2nd for his electrical project. Isaac Grilliot won 1st for his potatoes and 1st for his cabbage. Xavier Grilliot won 1st for his shop creeper. Nathan Grogean won 1st for his berries. Philip Grogean won 2nd for his muskmelon. Andrew Heckman won 1st for his corn and 3rd for his white eggs. Maggie Hedrick won 3rd for her SAE photo posterboard display. Dean Heitkamp won 3rd for his muskmelon and 2nd for his beets. Jacob Heitkamp received 2nd for his mixed tomatoes, 3rd for his beans, 2nd for his eggplant, 2nd for his peaches, 1st for his brown eggs, 2nd for his corn, and 2nd for his cabbage. Maddy Henry won 2nd for her cherry/grape tomatoes and 3rd for her sunflowers. Danielle Hesson won 1st for her SAE photo posterboard display. Kennedy Hughes won 1st for her gourds. Evan Keller received 3rd for his wheat. Katelyn Knapke won 1st for her welding project. Gavin Lawrence received 2nd for his electric light stand and 1st for his lawn chair and wooden benches. Carter Luthman won 1st for his herbs and 3rd for his beets. Jessica Lyme won 1st for her lettuce. Lizzy May won 1st for her Hay timothy, 1st for her hay clover, and 2nd for her hay alfalfa. Troy May won 1st for his miscellaneous hay, 3rd for his hay timothy, and 2nd for his hay clover. Autumn Petitjean won 3rd for her cucumbers, 2nd for her potatoes, and 2nd for her hot peppers. Renea Schmitmeyer received 3rd for her haylage and 1st for her corn silage. Lindsay Schultz won 2nd for her SAE photo posterboard display. Austin Timmerman received 1st for his welding project, 1st for his large welding project, 2nd for his spray paint equipment, and 1st for his farm trailer. Taylor Tyo won 3 for her SAE research trifold display. Tessa Tyo won 2 for her roma tomatoes and 3 for her sweet peppers. Faith Wilker received 2 for her berries, 1 for her cut floral arrangement, 1 for her live floral arrangement, and 2 for her squash. Kimberly Winner won 1 for her sunflowers, 3 for her bell peppers, and 3 for her miscellaneous vegetables. Lewis Winner received 2 for his pumpkins. Laura Wuebker won 1 for her single stalk corn. Natalie Wuebker won 1 for her grapes. Victoria Wuebker won 2 for her zucchini, 2 for her grapes, 1 for her wheat and 1 for her oats.
Members did not only have the chance to show shop and crop, they also had the opportunity to show livestock. Thirty-nine members from the Versailles FFA Chapter showed chickens, turkey, dairy cattle, goats, dogs, rabbits, sheep, steer, and swine.  
In the area of poultry, Versailles FFA members that exhibited included: Jon Gehret, Ben Gehret, Grant Keller, Evan Keller, Justin Besecker, and Sean Besecker. Jon Gehret received 1st in his heat and 3rd in his class in Commercial Production.  Justin Bescker, Sean Besecker, Grant keller and Evan Keller all showed turkeys and received grade A. Ben Gehret received 2nd place in production hens.  
In the area of beef, Versailles FFA members that exhibited included: Lizzy May, Troy May, Isaac Gehret , Ian Gehret and Austin Nerderman. Lizzy May won 1st place in 12 year beef showmanship. Austin Nerderman received 6th in his open class beef show.   Issac Gehret exhibited reserve champion market Heifer and 2nd place beef skillsthon.  Ian Gehret placed 2nd with his beef feeder and won outstanding beef exhibitor.

In the area of dairy cattle and dairy steers, Versailles FFA members that exhibited included:  Jason Mescher, Nathan Mescher,  Shelbie Schmitmeyer, Jacob Wuebker, Renea Schmitmeyer,  Laura Wuebker, Kyle Dirksen, Caleb Heitkamp, Clair Schmitmeyer, Jacob Heitkamp, and Gregory Bohman. Jason Mescher was awarded 3rd in open class with his dairy steer. Shelbie Schmitmeyer won 1st in her dairy showman class and was awarded reserve grand champion Holstein cow. Jacob Wuebker was awarded 1st place in Dairy Sr. Skillathon, 2nd place in dairy beef showmanship, and was Grand Champion Dairy steer in the open class. Renea Schmitmeyer won 1st place 14 year old dairy showmanship, 1st place Intermediate Skillathon, and reserve Jr. champion Holstein. Laura Wuebker received 5th place dairy Skillathon, 1st in 13 year dairy steer showmanship, and was middle weight reserve champion with her dairy steer.  Tori Wuebker won 4th in dairy beef showmanship, and 2nd in her junior fair class with her dairy feeder and steer. Caleb Heitkamp received 3rd place dairy beef showmanship, supreme grand with his dairy steer in  junior fair, 2nd place with feeder calves, and 2nd and 3rd in open show with his dairy steer and calf.  Kyle Dirksen received 1st with his dairy steer and feeder in open show, reserve champion with his dairy steer, 3rd with his dairy feeder in the final round. Gregory Bohman won 2nd place in showmanship light weight reserve grand open show. Jacob Heitkamp won grand champion dairy feeder calf.

In the area of goats, Versailles FFA members that exhibited included: David Barlage, Anna Barlage, Brad Pohlman, Deanna Hesson and Cory Timmerman. David Barlage received grand and reserve senior doe. Cory Timmerman received grand champion Jr. percentage boer doe, grand champion Jr. doe, and received the Junior fair Herdsman Award.  Anna Barlage won 3rd and 4th place in weight class for born and raised goat show and reserve grand champion junior doe.   Deanna Hesson won 1st in senior showmanship, overall Fullblood doe champ, and overall Fullblood doe reserve. Brad Pohlman won 3rd and 4thin most of his classes.  
In the area of rabbits, Versailles FFA members that exhibited included: Hallie Mills, Darian Feltz, Evan Rammel, and Dalton Hesson.  Hallie Mills placed 5th in showmen to showmen, was professional showman of the rabbit barn, and was named rabbit queen. Darian was awarded 14th place Single Fryer. Dalton Hesson received 3rd place Fryer, won showmanship in his class, was grand champion in homegrown meat rabbits, grand champion pen of 3 meat rabbits, and was crowned Rabbit King. Evan Rammel was 7th in junior fair with his pen of rabbits and  5th in open show.
Versailles FFA member Kennedy Hughes exhibited in the area of dogs. She was awarded 1st place in obedience and 2nd place in showmanship. She was the Outstanding Exhibitor and was crowned the Canine Queen.
In the area of sheep, Versailles FFA members that exhibited included: Cassie Parsons, Taran Tyo, Taylor Tyo, Isaac Gehret, Alex Kaiser,  Caleb Kaiser, Emma Peters and Clay Bergman. Cassie Parsons received 1st in Born and Bred and was awarded 3rd in open class. Caleb Kaiser won age 12 showmanship and Reserve Champion division 1. Clay Bergman won Grand Champion Ewe and reserve champion lamb. Taran Tyo was reserve grand champion in his open class division. Emma Peters received 1st in sheep showmanship and supreme champion Ram. Isaac Gehret won champion market lamb and outstanding exhibitor for age 17. Alex Kaiser won 3rd in showmanship, 1st place in Southdown Ewe lamb, and grand Southdown Ewe in Jr. show.  

In the area of swine, Versailles FFA members that exhibited included: Ben Albers, Garrett Toops, Emma Peters, Andrew Heckman, and Ian Gehret. Ben Albers received 4th place in the 16 year old showmanship and was reserve grand champion of the heavy weight Berkshire. Andrew Heckman placed 5th with his Dark Cross Hogs and 4th place with his Purebred Yorkshire. Ian Gehret received 2nd class swine showmanship, 2nd in swine Skillathon, and 1st in his Barrow class.  Emma Peters received 3rd place in showman to showman, 1st place swine showmanship, reserve champion for the heavyweight hogs, and 11th overall market exhibitor.  Garrett Toops won 6th place showmanship.

Also at the fair, the Versailles FFA had two judging teams, dairy judging and general livestock judging.  The 1st place dairy judging team consisted of: Renea Schmitmeyer, Caden Buschur, Shelbie Schmitmeyer, and Kyle Dirksen. 

As individuals, Shelbie placed 2nd, Renea placed 3rd, Kyle placed 4th, and Caden placed 5th. The general livestock team was split into four different teams and they consisted of: Team #1, which placed 1st in the contest was Isaac Gehret, Ben Albers, Emma Peters, and Marcus Berger. Team #2- Luke Billenstein, Lewis Winner, Noah Barga, Ian Gehret. Team #3- Troy May, Deanna Hesson, Kimberly Winner, Garrett Toops. Team #4- Clay Bergman, Alex Kaiser, Caleb Kaiser, Cory Timmerman. As individuals, Emma Peters placed 1st, Ben Albers placed 2nd, Deanna Hesson placed 5th, and Ian Gehret placed 6th.