Darke County Fair Results

Darke County Fair Results

Versailles FFA had Success at the Great Darke County Fair.

Versailles FFA members were busy over the summer getting ready to participate and compete in the Great Darke County Fair.  On August 19, 2021, students were able to bring in their vegetables, crops, and shop projects. Shop and crop consist of bringing in various vegetables from the students’ gardens as well as woodwork items, welding items, items from a field, and grains for livestock. 

The Versailles FFA had many members bring in shop and crop, and Versailles had the most of any FFA Chapter in Darke County! Versailles FFA members that exhibited shop and crop included: Delany Barga, Noah Barga, Cayla Batten, Sam Bensman, Darren Billenstein, Luke Billenstein, Zoe Billenstein, Greg Bohman, Wyatt Browder, Zach BrowderDelaynee Bulcher, Aaron Buschur, Sara Cavin, Emily Delzeith, Asa DeMange, Jared DeMange, Owen DeMange, Alex Dircksen, Greg Dircksen, Travis Dirksen, Kobe Epperly, Darian Feltz, Jacob Garrison, Grace Gassion, Paige Gasson, Jack Gehret, Nick Gehret, Paige Gehret, Tyler Gehret, Elliott George, Noah Gilmore, Taylor Grilliot, Chole Grillot, Xavier Grillot, Cody Groff, Evan Groff, Jayden Groff, Lauren Grogean, Philip Grogean, Caleb Heitkamp, Jena Heitkamp, Madison Henry, Emma Middendorf, Jaimee Hoelscher, Gage Holmes, Kennedy Hughes, Alexis Jay, Alex Kaiser, Karl Kelch, Zander Keller, Carter Luthman, Josh Luthman, Trevor Luthman, Jessica Lyme, Andrew Lyons, Alex Mangen, Hayley Mangen, Kristopher Marshal, Ava May, Lizzy May, Margaret McGlinch, Karmindy Mertz, Jason Mescher, Austin Nerderman, Logan Nerderman, Breanna Nieport, Abby Petitjean, Autumn Petitjean, Dale Petitjean, Kaleb Petitjean, Lucy Peitijean, Dawson Peitijean-Cress, Josie Pothast, Austin Ruhenkamp, Morgan Schlater, Blake Schmitmeyer, James Schmitmeyer, Renea Schmitmeyer, Shawna Schmitmery, Jared Seibert, Noah Shimp, Ruth Smith, Levi Subler, Cory Timmerman, Lucas Timmerman, Jeremiah Wagner, Lincoln Winner, Luke Winner, Reagan Winner, Roger Rinner, Chase Wise, Andrew Wuebker, Laura Wuebker, Tori Wuebker, and Hayden Yagle. 

Individual placements within shop and crop include: Zoe Billenstein placed 3rd in herbs. Zach Browder placed 2nd in brown eggs. Delaynee Bulcher placed 3rd in bird house and 3rd in alfalfa hay. Emily Delzaith placed 2nd in cherry tomatoes, 1st in peas, 2nd in floral arrangement-live in soil, and 1st in floral arrangement-cut. Asa DeMange placed 2nd in apples, 2nd in berries, 2nd in gourds, and 3rd in potatoes. Owen DeMange placed 1st in bell peppers and 3rd in apples. Greg Dircksen placed 1st in miscellaneous eggs. Nick Gehret placed 1st in shop creeper. Paige Gehret placed 1st in pumpkins, 2nd in herbs, and 1st in garlic. Tyler Gehret placed 3rd in sweet corn. Taylor Grilliot placed 1st in green beans, Evan Groff place 1st in a large welding project. Jayden Groff placed 1st in the reconditioned miscellaneous project, 1st in medium welding project, and was the reserve champion shop project.  Lauren Grogeon placed 2nd in honey displayed and 3rd in cabbage. Philip Gorgean placed 2nd in cabbage, 3rd in Okra, 3rd in honey display, 1st in berries, and 3rd in rhubarb. Caleb Heitkamp 1st in roma tomatoes, Jena Heitkamp 2nd in roma tomatoes, 2nd in miscellaneous tomatoes, 1st in hot peppers, and 3rd cucumbers. Carter Luthman placed 3rd in onion and 2nd in medium welding project, Trevor Luthman 2nd in white eggs and 1st in cabbage.  Andrew Lyons 2nd in large wood project and 3rd in medium wood project. Kristopher Marshal placed 1st in rhubarb, 1st in swiss chard, 2nd in green beans, 2nd in eggplant, 1st in cucumbers, and 1st in broccoli. Lizzy May placed 2nd in bell peppers, Margaret McGlinch placed 2nd in vegetable variety display, 3rd in pears, 1st in hops, 2nd rye, 3rd in watermelon, 3rd in hay clover, 1st in brown eggs, 1st in white eggs, and 1st in soybeans,.Karmindy Mertz placed 3rd in Muskmelon and 2nd in squash, Kaleb Peitijean placed 1st in miscellaneous tomatoes and 2nd in hot peppers. Lucy Peitijean placed  3rd in plum tomatoes and 2nd peaches. Blake Schmitmeyer placed 2nd in corn silage and 2nd in corn, James Schmitemyer placed 3rd in corn silage, 2nd in haylage, and 1st in mixed hay. Renea Schmitmeyer placed 2nd in mixed hay.  Shawna Schmitmeyer placed 3rd in the miscellaneous crop project. Noah Shimp placed 1st in household articles.  Levi Subler placed 1st in corn silage. Lucas Timmerman placed 1st in bird feeder, 2nd in miscellaneous eggs, 2nd in shop creeper, 2nd in the reconditioned miscellaneous project, 1st in hitch pins, 1sr in farm gate, 3rd in livestock feeder, and 1st in feed scoop. Jeremiah Wagner placed 1st in corn stalk, 1st in alfalfa hay, 1st in clover hay, and 1st in timothy hay. Reagan Winner placed 2nd in corn last year corn, 3rd in current corn, 2nd in shelled corn, and 2nd in wheat. Roger Winner placed 2nd in pumpkins.  Andrew Wuebker placed 3rd in grapes and 2nd in soybeans stalks. Laura Wuebker placed 3rd in corn stalk and 3rd in pumpkins, and Tori Wuebker placed 1st in potatoes, 1st in grapes, and 3rd in brown eggs. Congratulations to the Shop and Crop Exhibitors!

Versailles FFA has had a booth at the fair and received a Grade A with their booth. Thank you to the following Versailles FFA members that helped decorate the booth they included:  Dalton Hesson, Delaney Barga,  Lizzy May, Elise George, Zoe Billenstein, Lucy Petitjean, Emma Middendorf and Josie Pothast.  Versailles FFA members also assisted the Darke County Farm Bureau on Sunday and was in charge of the Ag is Cool tent from Noon to 9:00pm.  On Monday Versailles FFA members, Versailles FFA alumni members and parents assisted the Beef and Pork Tent from 5:00pm to 9:00pm and greatly appreciated the opportunity to assist the Darke County Pork Producers and Darke Cattleman's Association.

However, members did not only have the chance to show shop and crop, but they also had the opportunity to exhibit livestock. Members from the Versailles FFA Chapter exhibited poultry, dairy cattle, goats, dogs, rabbits, sheep, beef cattle, and swine. 


In the area of poultry, Versailles FFA members that exhibited included:  Lucas Timmerman, Margret McGlinch, Josie Pothast, and Nick Gehret. Lucas exhibited the reserve champion pullets. Nick placed 2nd in poultry showmanship. Margret placed 10th overall tom, 10th overall fancy bantams, and 4th overall in poultry showmanship and 5th in senior skillathon. Josie placed 6th in her meat chicken class and 5th overall on the poultry photo contest. Congratulations to all of the poultry exhibitors. 

In the area of beef, Versailles FFA members that exhibited included: Luke Winner, Lincoln Winner, Kobe Petitjean, Greg Bohman, Jessica Lyme, Dakota Overholser, Lucy Petitjean, Kricket Peitijean, Dawson Peitijean-Cress, Paige Gehret, Carson Bergman, Ava May, Lizzy May and Will Bohman. Dakota was grand and reserve champion feeder calf, 3rd place in showmanship, reserve supreme champion bull, and 3rd place intermediate skillathon. Kricket placed 1st in her showmanship class. Luke was awarded reserve champion overall market animal. Lucy placed 2nd in her showmanship class. Kobe placed 1st in his market heifer class. Paige had reserve champion beef breeding heifer overall, and was reserve beef showman. Greg placed 3rd in his heifer class and 3rd place in 17 year-old showmanship.  Ava May exhibited the division 5 reserve champion steer. Lizzy May exhibited the Division 3 3rd place overall steer.  Congratulations to all of the beef exhibitors. 

In the area of dairy, Versailles FFA members that exhibited included: James Schmitmeyer, Joe Ruhenkamp, Tyler Dirksen, Will Bohman, Andrew Wuebker, Greg Bohman, Jessica Lyme, Keira Rahm, Renea Schmitmeyer, Shawna Schmitmeyer, Travis Dirksen and Laura Wuebker.   Will placed 1st in class for open show with his steer. Jessica placed 1st in 18 year-old showmanship, 1st place overall senior showmanship, reserve champion overall dairy showman, and 5th place market in skillathon. Greg placed 1st in 17 year-old showmanship, 2nd place overall senior showmanship, 4th place market skillathon, and reserve light weight steer. James was awarded overall grand champion feeder calf. Laura placed 2nd in 17 year old showmanship, 3rd in senior market skillathon, and was awarded reserve grand champion lightweight division with her steer in open class. Keira placed 1st in five of her classes with her cows and heifers, 2nd in two of her classes with her cows and heifers, and placed 1st in showmanship. Andrew placed 3rd in his steer class, 2nd overall in showmanship and placed 4th in showmanship. Joe placed 1st in his dairy steer class.  Greg Bohman placed 1st in 17 year old showmanship, 4th place skillathon and 2nd place overall market dairy showmanship. Jessica Lyme placed 1st in 18 year old showmanship, 1st place in market dairy showmanship, 1st place in senior dairy market showmanship and reserve champion dairy steer.  Congratulations to all the dairy exhibitors! 

In the area of goats, Versailles FFA members that exhibited included: Delaney Barga, Levi Barga, Eden Barga, and Grant Pohlman. Delany placed 3rd in senior showmanship, and 3rd in senior skillathon. Levi placed 1st overall in all dairy goat showmanship, 7th overall in showman of showmen contest, and was awarded overall grand champion senior doe. Eden placed 5th in showmanship, and was awarded 2021 Goat Princess. Grant placed 3rd and 5th in the born and raised in Darke County class. Congrats to all members who exhibited in the area of goats!

In the area of rabbits, Versailles FFA members that exhibited included: Asa DeMange, Tanner Rammel, Kobe Epperly, and Dalton Hesson. Dalton was awarded best of breed in flemish giants. Tanner placed 1st in class for Jr. Fair and open class shows. Kobe placed 1st in class, 2nd in 3 classes, and 3rd in class with his rabbits. Congratulations to all those who exhibited in the area of rabbits.  


Versailles FFA members who exhibited in the area of dogs included: Carson Heitkamp and Asa DeMange. Asa placed 4th in beginner novice B obedience. Carson placed gold in rally. Congratulations to Carson and Asa!

In the area of sheep, Versailles FFA members that exhibited included: Caleb Kaiser, Alex Kaiser, Kobe Epperly, Ian Bergman, Clay Bergman, Paige Gehret and Luke Kaiser. Clay placed 5th in showmanship and placed in the top 5 in 3 classes. Luke placed 3rd in showmanship. Paige won 3rd overall market lamb. Kobe Epperly placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in classes. Alex Kaiser was awarded reserve division champion market lamb in open class. Congratulations to all those who exhibited in the sheep department. 

In the area of swine, Versailles FFA members exhibited included: Taylor Wagner, Austin Spradlin, and Alex Mangen. Taylor won reserve champion chester barrow. Congratulations to everyone who exhibited in the swine barn!

In the area of general livestock judging held at the fair Versailles FFA members Lincoln Winner placed 3rd overall and Roger Winner placed 2nd overall in the junior contest and Paige Gehret was 3rd overall in the high school contest.  Blake Schmitmeyer, Renea Schmitmeyer and Shawna Schmitmeyer participated in dairy judging at the fair.

Congratulations to all Versailles FFA members who exhibited projects, showed livestock, and competed in competitions at the Darke County Fair!


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