High School Guidance

9th-12th Grade School Counselor

Mrs. Hollie Ahrens - High School Counselor

High School Code: 365250

The College Visitation Form as well as the transcript release forms can be found on the forms section of the high school webpage.

Attention Seniors

FAFSA (Free Application For Federal Student Aid) is required for the Community Scholarship.

FAFSA4caster is an online tool that helps students and parents determine their current eligibility for federal student aid. Parents and students should check out www.fafsa4caster.ed.gov to learn how much aid they would receive if they applied today.

MyFSA is an online account that provides students with access to college and scholarship searches, career and self-assessment tools, and other valuable resources regarding college and financial aid. Students can learn about MyFSA's various functions and set up MyFSA accounts at www.FederalStudentAid.ed.gov/myfsa.

2021-2022 ACT Test Dates & Deadlines (National)
Register at www.actstudent.org

Test Date
Registration Deadline
September 12, 2021
August 6th
October 23, 2021
September 17th
December 11, 2021
November 5th
February 12, 2022
January 7th
April 2, 2022
February 25th
June 11, 2022
May 6th
July 16, 2022
June 17th

2021-2022 SAT Test Dates & Deadlines 

Test Date
Registration Deadline
August 28, 2021
July 30th
October 2, 2021
September 3rd
November 6, 2021
October 8th
December 4, 2021
November 4th
March 12, 2022
February 11th
May 7, 2022
April 8th
 June 4, 2022May 5th


Exempted Village Schools

Versailles High School
280 Marker Rd Versailles, OH 45380
P: 937-526-4427
F: 937-526-4356
Versailles Board of Education
459 S. Center St., Versailles, OH 45380
P: 937-526-4773
F: 937-526-5745

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