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A little about me...
I entered the Versailles Schools after graduating from BGSU in 1994 with a BS in K-8 teaching. While teaching Transitional 1st grade for a year and on to 2nd grade following, I completed my Masters Degree from UD in School Counseling in 1998. After teaching 2nd grade at VES for 5 years, I moved to 4th grade at NS for the next 5 years.
Since I started in the K-6 counseling position in 2006-07 school year (now K-8), I continue to try to be a positive influence as counselor in the lives of my students as I have done throughout my career.
My husband and I have two children who attend Marion Local, and we truly appreciate the simple things in life with family and friends.

Parent Tips

Over the years, I have heard many great ideas that parents have done to make the chaos in life a bit easier in supporting their child’s education. I wish I could give credit to each of you who has shared these tips over the years, but my memory fails me at times. Please feel free to share more ideas and tips with me. I will pass them along. Please let me know if you wish to be anonymous in what I share.
Resources Available
As I continually update the guidance resources (even beyond what I can keep up with posting), you are welcome to borrow any that may be useful to you and your family. Just sign them out and return them when you are through. Other resources in the area are listed here as well.
Reflections from the...heart
This is a bit of a play on my name as I often tell new students I meet (to help them remember my name)... "My name is Mrs. Hartings (Heartings)... I am not a "harD" teacher. I have a "hearT." In fact, the Kindergarten students usually start out knowing me as "Mrs. Hearts." I love it!
Included here are reflections on content I have read or topics from conferences that I have attended that may be useful. I encourage you to email me your comments as well on these topics. I'd be happy to share some of those ideas (with your permission, of course!).


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