Officer Code of Conduct

Versailles FFA Officer Code of Conduct

2021-2022 Versailles FFA Office Code of Conduct

Chapter officers serve a vital role in the FFA Organization. By taking a major leadership role, these students grow from the experience and benefit the chapter. It should be a goal as an officer to lead by example and encourage other members to participate in chapter activities. By signing below, I understand and accept the above-listed duties of being an officer and will abide by the following agreement: Agreement 

* I understand the privileges that come with being an officer and pledge to uphold these responsibilities and duties. 

*  I agree to forgo the use of Alcohol and Tobacco at all times. Possession, use, consumption, sale, or transfer of alcoholic beverages, drugs, look-alike drugs, or tobacco (including smokeless tobacco) by any student at any time or place during the officer term will result in removal from the officer team for the remainder of the officer term. 

*  I agree to serve as a role model for our chapter members and other school students. 

*  I agree to participate in at least 1 or 2 skills contests beyond parliamentary procedure. 

*  I agree to participate in at least three State/National FFA Activities. 

* I agree to promote a positive image of the National FFA Organization and the Versailles FFA Chapter by acting as a responsible adult and being a positive role model. 

*  I agree to be on time for all FFA Activities. (Officer Meetings, FFA Meetings, and other activities that are required to attend) 

*  I agree to be organized and ready to lead our chapter. 

*  I agree to know all parts of opening ceremonies by the April FFA Meeting and will be able to speak them with clarity and authority. 

*  I agree to be respectful, honest, and courteous to all FFA members and people alike. 

*  I agree to participate in at least 4 or 5 community activities. 

*  I agree to take initiative when officer reports or anything else needs to be done.

I agree to help conduct 8th Grade Recruitment, National FFA Week Activities, The Statewide Greenhand Conference, EMT and Firefighter Farm Safety Program, Farm Day, Soup and Sandwich Social, and Our Chapter FFA Banquet. 

I understand if I am elected an officer that all points of this above agreement will be in place from the start of being an officer on March 8, 2021 to the end of being an officer on March 14, 2022. 

If elected, I understand that I am expected to abide by all of the above items. If I do not follow these guidelines and cannot follow the responsibilities of my elected office, I will be reprimanded and/maybe removed from the officer team at the discretion of the Versailles Agricultural Education Instructor, VHS Principal, and a VHS Teacher. As a parent, I understand the above agreement and understand the responsibilities my child is accepting by becoming a Versailles FFA Chapter Officer. 

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