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Chromebook Sale
Versailles K-12 Students,

The last of our remaining Toshiba Chromebooks (model: CB30-B3122) will be sold to any currently enrolled
K-12 student according to the following schedule:

Students in Grades K-6: April 28th– April 30th, May 3rd– May 4th
Students in Grades 7-12: May 5th– May 7th, May 10th– 11th
Students in Grades K-12 (for any remaining interest): May 12th– May 14th

Sale Hours: 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM (Other Special Hours will be announced via “Instant Connect”)

Wednesday, April 28 Only - Hours will be from 7:30 am - 8:00 pm

Location of Sale: Media Center (Please enter Door 1 by the VES/VMS office)
Specs include: 13.3” Screen, Intel Celeron N2840 Processor, 16GB SSD, 4GB Mem, HDMI + 2 USB Ports

*Google will continue its Chrome OS support/upgrade of these systems through at least September ‘21.
Beyond that time, its active upgrade support is unknown, but these Chromebooks will still be functional
beyond that time even if support ceases (it just may not have the latest OS moving forward).

Units will be sold “AS IS” and are priced according to the level of external cosmetic damages as outlined
below (although all are in functional working condition when last used and checked). The OS (operating
system) has been restored and cleared of all school-related data and connections.
*NOTE: Due to time-constraints, “Battery Life” has not been tested and is currently unknown for each
specific Chromebook, but each device does come with a working power cord/brick that will power up the
unit when connected to a power source.

Lot 1: $15 – Very Good / Above Average Condition (no visible or very minimal cosmetic damage)
Lot 2: $8 – Good / Average Condition (one or a few flaws...ex: chip, crack, scratch, piece of duct tape)
Lot 3: $2 – Fair / Below Average Condition (multiple cosmetic flaws...multiples of above but still functional)

Other Notes:
* Buyer will be given the opportunity to select & to test the unit (from remaining stock available).
* Each currently enrolled student is eligible to purchase Qty 1 Chromebook each (based on schedule)
* No unit will be held as this will be conducted on a first-come, first-serve basis (pay upon selection).
*Payment must be made in either cash or check (Check made out to: Versailles Board of Education).
*No refund will be given once the unit has left the school...again, being sold “AS IS” (buyer selects unit).

For any further questions, please contact the technology department @ 937-526-4427.