Dear Parents

Parent Access to ProgressBook has changed. Parents are able to create and manage their own user accounts with a secure Registration Key. Registration keys are generated by the school, and no longer will school staff be able to create or recall usernames or passwords for parents. Letters are sent home to all incoming middle school students(s) that aren't previously registered. You will use this letter to create a new account. This account is separate from the child(children's) account. If you have not received this letter to register the account you can contact the school office.

Progress Book

 To Create A New Account:
You must click “Sign Up” the first time you visit the site (Gradebook Link). You will then create a personalized username and password, following the below conventions:

  • User name - Only letters and numbers and 6 to 50 characters

  • Password - Must contain 1 letter, 1 number, 8 to 50 characters, case sensitive and cannot match the user name

You will also be asked to enter the child’s name and date of birth. Please enter the student name Exactly as it is printed on the letter you receive. Multiple children can be entered during the registration process to quickly link all family information into one easily accessible account.