Project Opportunity

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Project Opportunity

Versailles Schools music, FFA, and STEM programs have expanded. The music program has increased by 75% from roughly 40 students to 70 students, FFA has increased courses and grown to 180+ students in grades 8-12 and now has 2 full-time teachers, and STEM programs are now required and have increased dramatically in the past twelve (12) years.

Because of this growth, Versailles Schools is adding an expansion on the South part of the school building. This project is called Project Opportunity.  The addition will include new band, STEM, weight room, and multi-purpose rooms along with a lobby and more storage areas.  Currently, Industrial Arts (STEM, Robotics) and FFA share an area.  After the addition, FFA will acquire majority of the area.  Band and choir also share an area.  After the expansion, choir will acquire that entire area. 

The district recently received bids on two-thirds of our expansion project and updated estimates on the remaining third of the project. The current costs for the project are $14.5 million for the completion of STEM, FFA, music, weight room, and multi-purpose space. At this time, the district will not be able to afford to complete the entire project without additional fundraising.  The priority would be to complete all areas except the multi-purpose space.  The district is spending $5 million from General Funds, $5 million from a 15-year 2.75% lease program, and $2 million from various other grants reimbursements and funding. 

The district has been fortunate to have businesses, organizations, and families donate roughly $900,000 toward the project already.  However, we will need to raise an additional $1.5 million in order to complete all parts of Project Opportunity. If these additional funds are not raised, the multi-purpose space will have to be removed or delayed from the project.

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To try and reach this goal, we are seeking interested people, who may consider donating to complete the project. The completion of the multi-purpose would provide students, classrooms, community programs, extracurricular activities, and the community with additional space. There would be no better time to complete Project Opportunity than now. Costs are not projected to lower and funding for the project would likely come from a bond to complete. While the amount is large, I believe the attempt to complete the project is worthwhile.

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