VERSAILLES STEM ROBOTICS, DRONE & RC RACE TEAM GOES FULL THROTTLE! On Tuesday, May 14th we participated in the Full Throttle STEM event at Eldora Speedway. The students had a great day racing RC cars and competing versus 70 students. In the drag race, Luke Borchers got 2nd place. In the Drone flying competition, Alex Westgerdes took 1st, and Patrick McGlinch took 2nd. In the RC Circuit race, Mac Wilker took 1st, Alex Westgerdes took 2nd and Gavin Breeze took 3rd. In the Self-Driving car race, Marcus Briscoe and Drew Meyer took 1st, Lance Keller and Cord Pohl took second, Conner Gibson, Lucas Ahrens, and Eli Dirksen took 3rd.
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Full Throttle 1
Full throttle 2
Full Throttle 3
Full Throttle 4
Full Throttle 5
Full Throttle 6
Full Throttle 7
Full Throttle 8
Sectional Final Baseball - UPDATE Milton Union vs. Versailles Game: Postponed We will play this on Thursday. 5:00 pm Versailles High School
3 days ago, Scott Broerman
Good evening Tigers, this is Superintendent Dave Harmon with an important message for planning purposes about the last day of school. It is hard to believe that the last day of school is now only 2 weeks away. Pending Board approval at the upcoming May 21st Board meeting, we wanted to communicate to you for planning purposes, that the school district will let out 2 hours early on that last day - Friday, May 24, 2024.  Normal dismissal is at 3:05. On Friday, May 24, 2024, we will dismiss for summer at 1:05 in the afternoon. Thank you very much.  Let's make these last two weeks magical!
8 days ago, Dave Harmon
May 24, 2024
MAC League Track Meet tonight Hosted at Versailles 459 South Center St. Field Events start at 4:30 Running Events start at 5:30 pm All information with the meet can be found here:
11 days ago, Scott Broerman
2024 Spring Tournament Ticket Information Tickets can be purchased online at or with cash at the door. The only time the cash option will NOT be available is if the contest is taking place somewhere other than a school district. All students 6 years or older will need a ticket. Softball/Baseball: $5 for students, $8 for adults Track: $6 for students, $8 for adults Good luck to all our spring tournament teams!
11 days ago, Scott Broerman
Our next "Versailles Voices Project" participant is Caroline Anthony. Caroline is a Senior at Versailles High School and is headed to Bowling Green next year Thank you Caroline for sharing. You mention in your post that you are proud to have gone to Versailles. Well....we're darn proud of you too! We would love to continue to share these, but that is only possible if you take a moment to submit them. We appreciate and need your continued submissions to the Versailles Voices Project. Please consider submitting a response as we'd love to hear from you (and so does the community!) To do so, click the link below:
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Versailles Voices - Caroline Anthony
Let's flood the interwebs with positivity! Drop just a name, or a name and a story. Thanks for making someone's day! #BetterTogether
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Best Teacher I ever had was...
Our next "Versailles Voices Project" participants are Megan and Mason DeMange. Megan and Mason are 2016 Versailles graduates. Megan teaches 2nd grade, and Mason teaches vocal music. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. DeMange for your submission! It's been a while since we've posted one of these. Lets get this going again. We appreciate and need your continued submissions to the Versailles Voices Project. Please consider submitting a response as we'd love to hear from you (and so does the community!) To do so, click the link below:
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Versailles Voices - Megan & Mason DeMange
We are incredibly proud to share that Versailles High School has just been named to the US News and World Report's 2024 Best High Schools list. As we approach Teacher Appreciation Week next week, this notice was a pretty nice, and well timed "Thank you." None of what we do would be possible without the tremendous support of our community. We are blessed to have fantastic staff. We are just as blessed to have a fantastic community, and fantastic young people in our schools. Thank YOU Versailles! To read more, please follow this link:
18 days ago, Dave Harmon
Best High Schools
Congratulations to the following students who will represent their class as student council members for the 2024-2025 school year! Seniors: Colin Batten Emmit Demange Erin Frederick Landry Knore Ella Porter Ava Shardo Juniors: Paige Gehret Katey Litten Jayna Luthman Drew Meyer Ryan Pleiman Lauren Prenger Sophomores: Juliet Ahrens Greta Broering Rhylan Broerman Cale Demange Patrick McGlinch Maddox Stonebraker Freshmen: Liam Barga Gracyn Beasley Lily Bigelow Monica Evers Alexis Francis Samantha Knapke
23 days ago, Dave Harmon
Student Council
Dear Parents and Families of High School Students, Staff, and members of the community, This is Superintendent Dave Harmon with an important message about the morning of Friday, April 26, 2024. We have advertised this several places, including in a message to High School families from Mrs. Stonebraker, as well as the fact that it has been shared in the newspaper, but we wanted to make one last effort to communicate to the families of students at the High School, staff, and general community members, that in an effort to educate and encourage teens to make good choices when getting in or behind the wheel of a vehicle, Versailles High School has arranged to present the Drive Smart Program. On Friday April 26th at 9:00am, a mock crash scene will be staged at the school. Students will be spectators and will witness the life-like events that occur after a drunk driving related crash. Police, Fire, EMS and others will arrive on scene in an attempt to rescue the victims of this staged, but very lifelike accident. In the final moments of the event, a parent speaker will discuss a real life scenario and will encourage our students to learn from this demonstration. Our goal is that students will make the right decision and never get behind the wheel while impaired or get in a vehicle with an impaired driver. If you prefer your child to not witness this event, please contact the high school office at 937.526.4427 ext 3000 or email Jacki Stonebraker at A huge thank you to the Versailles Police, Fire & EMS, MVH Careflight, Darke Co Coroner’s Office, Bailey & Zechar Funeral Home, School Staff and Student volunteers for their time and effort put into this event.
24 days ago, Dave Harmon
car crash
Tomorrow - April 25th is "DNA day." Pictured is Mrs. Treon's Genetics class with their Recombinant DNA plasmids. The Genetics class is learning how to create Recombinant DNA and how to input a plasmid into bacteria cells. If all goes well, the bacteria will be able to do something it couldn't before.
25 days ago, Dave Harmon
Freshman Baseball @ Russia will start at 4:00 pm.
25 days ago, Scott Broerman
Good evening Tigers. This is Superintendent Dave Harmon with a reminder about tomorrow's schedule. Tomorrow, Friday, April 12, 2024, will be a 2-hour delay for staff professional development. Buses will arrive at your stops 2 hours later than your normal pick-up time. Thank you very much. Have a fantastic weekend.
about 1 month ago, Dave Harmon
2 hour delay for PD
Good evening, This is just a reminder that school will not be in session on Monday, April 8th, 2024 - the Solar Eclipse day - due to anticipated travel and communication issues. Please be safe, have fun, and enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity to observe this phenomenon - but do it safely. NEVER look directly at the sun without the protection of the special solar eclipse glasses.
about 1 month ago, Dave Harmon
Solar Eclipse reminder
JV/Varsity BB and SB with New Bremen is canceled for this evening
about 1 month ago, Scott Broerman
All games and meets are cancelled for this evening. JH track practice is cancelled Softball practice is cancelled. Baseball practice will be at 3:30 in the Board Office Gymnasium. HS Track practice will be held in the HS Gymnasium
about 2 months ago, Scott Broerman
JV BB & SB at Versailles is cancelled for this evening. Varsity Softball at ME is cancelled Varsity BB at ME is ON. JH Track at SH will now start at 4:30.
about 2 months ago, Scott Broerman
The district bought Solar Eclipse glasses to provide to our students and staff and shortly after the shipment arrived, we were very graciously donated approximately 1500 eclipse viewing glasses from our wonderful community partner, Phelan Insurance. (Thank you Phelan!) As such, the district has about 1400 eclipse glasses that we would love to get into your hands so that anyone you know can participate in this viewing event safely. Please stop in at the Central office any day next week and pick up as many as you want for $1 each from Jodie Bohman! First come, first served. We are only hoping to make back what we spent on them. Please share so that anyone who wants them can get them.
about 2 months ago, Dave Harmon
solar eclipse glasses
Students have been designing and creating all year long. Check out this design, created by Lydia Bruns, for the football season. Videos like this can be found in the Yearbook by scanning QR codes. If you haven't reserved a 23-24 yearbook please do so soon, time is running out!
about 2 months ago, Dave Harmon